Friday, May 18, 2012

Wow, how time fly's!  Sadly, it's been months since I've updated my blog.  I went to school (again) for Spring session.  I've been going off and on since I was a Junior in High school,  so it's been years!  I'm hoping one day before I"m 40 that I've got my degree, but at this rate... Up side though, I did get all A's.  YA!!  On top of going back to school, we were looking for another house.  (We like to do things as hard as we can.)  We looked and looked for about 4 months, and just weren't finding anything, so we decided that we would build and get what we wanted.  We didn't want to be too far from where we are now, but as luck would have it, we're building our house all the way out in Lehi.  It's a beautiful area though.

Now, I"m really struggling with the whole idea of leaving everything I know here, (not that we will be too far away, about 30 minutes from our home here.)  I think right now I'm having a hard time deciding weather I quit Stampin Up! for now, or perceiver through.  All of my clientele is already about 30 minutes from me, so to add an hour?  It's not happening.  I'd be starting all over in Lehi, and I'm not even sure how I started it up here.  Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks ladies, for stickin with me through all of this time.

Now for some pictures of our area.  This is the first place I'm posting them.  Sneak peak here first.
 This is the view we get to have.  It's gorgeous out here.
 This is our land here.  This will be where our new home will be built.
This house is the one being built next to where ours will be.  I wonder who our neighbors will be.