Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tonight I am going out for a much needed girls night out!  Woohoo!!  We are going out to celebrate a friends b'day, so I wanted to do something special for her, but I just couldn't think what to do.  Then the other day I was at her house, and her dad (who was visiting) gave her a card he had picked up for her to give to someone else.  I then had the thought that blank cards are probably a great gift to give.  Now, how to package such cards.  Hm...

So, I went through my favorites bar (I have tons and tons stored on my computer, so it took some time), and I came across one I had saved.  It was perfect!  Here's the picture.

Super cute ha?!  I loved the idea the second I saw it and I knew it would work wonderfully to hold cards.  Now, where did I find this lovely box to case?  I'll share all of those details at the end of this post. 

Now, for the cards that are on the inside...

First I needed a couple of b'day cards, (cased, I'll share that at the end too), and envelopes.  (My upline told me that you never, ever give a naked envelope, so I added a simple image.)
Next, a just because card.  Who doesn't need a simple, just thinking of you card? 
Aother simple just cause card.

I have a Halloween card in there too, but for some reason it won't load, but I'm sure it's posted somewhere on here.  Anyway, I think this gift turned out better that I had hoped it would.  Now to put some finishing touches on it, (like a designer pen), and it's ready to go. 

Now for the links.  The box template and tutorial you can find here.  (Sarah's inkspot.com)
The beautiful butterfly card I saw here.  (Your fellow stamper).

Thanks ladies as always for stopping by!  I love reading your comments, thanks!!!

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  1. Beautiful work! I'm so glad I found your blog:)