Tuesday, December 6, 2011

As promised...

In my last post I mentioned that I would show the prizes that I had for my Advent Calendar event.  First let me say that it was a ton of work to put it all together, but it was so great to see the finished product in the gals hands.  They were so proud of what they had done, and they really did turn out amazing!  I was very excited about the entire thing.

Now, for my prizes.  I made some tile magnets using the retired "Define your life" stamp set.  I love that stamp set!  It was actually the one I picked for free when I signed up as a demonstrator.  So I'm glad that I could still use it.  I did bake my tiles for 30 minutes after stamping them up with Staz-on. (I read somewhere that sets the ink.)  Then the very next day I read that your not suppose to bake staz-on because of a harmful fume.  I'm not sure which is right,  so if you ladies know, let me know which is correct.  Thankfully no one was harmed.  (LOL). 

The next prize I did was a beautiful ribbon book mark.  I found that on Dawns website.  I LOVE HER!!!  She shows you how to make it, super simple!  You can find that here.
Next, I just made random Christmas tags.  I used all of my Christmas punches, the stocking punch, the ornament punch, and whatever else I found.  Here they are.

Super, super, simple little prizes.  I think everyone was excited with what they picked.  I wrapped them all up in little goodie baggies.

Super simple and fun!  If you haven't already seen my advent calendar, here's what that looked like too.

Cased it right out of the Mini catalog.  It was very time consuming the first time.  Having to write all the directions, measurements, colors, shapes.  Wow!  Anyhow, I love how it turned out, and I think the ladies all loved it too.  They really are cute! 

Well as always, thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Great job Yolanda. Your prizes are fun and very creative and your advent calendar is beautiful. Good on you for all the hard work!