Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Fudge...

I came across this super cute poem. I believe it came from Paper crafts Nov. Issue. (I think.) Anyhow, I have printed the poem off on card stock, stamped it with some snow flakes, added some bling, and attached it to some yummy orange sticks. I had thought of wrapping the chocolates, but I really think this way looks nice enough, if not nicer. Here's the poem; Dashing from the malls With groceries yet to buy, Lessons, work and housecleaning, Life's so crazy! Why? Bells on our telephone ring, The machine will take the call, We have not time for family or friends, It drives us up the wall. How are you? How's your life? We really want to know. Hope you're ready for Christmas, Now maybe it will snow. A day or two ago, We thought we'd make a treat, For all our special friends- A Christmas gift to eat. Our intentions were top notch, But our schedules would not budge, Hence, here's this years edition Of homemade Christmas Fudge! Pretty cute poem ha? I thought it would be great this year with our orange sticks. Let me know what you think. As always, all comments are appreciated. Thanks!

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