Friday, January 21, 2011

What a surprise...

I LOVE getting things in the mail, I'm sure we all do. So today was such a nice surprise, I got this in the mail. 
A few friends and my upline who is also a dear friend started our own little swap.  We mail things out to each other on the 20th of every month.  So I was definatly expecting some stuff in the mail, but not for a couple of days.  So this was such a great surpise!  Then when I opened the box, I was completly blown away.  My friend, Melanie is so talented!

Look at this very cute box.  Inside there is some Ghirardelli squares, yum!  Some peppermint patties, that she decorated really cute, and some tootsie rolls, and...a beautfiully put together book.  It's just amazing all of the things she put together.  Heres a close up of the book.

Next there's a cute little stationary box.  Inside there are some cute little cards with matching envelopes which she made using the die cut scallop envelope.

A cute little notebook with a key ring.

Lastly, her version of the marble technique in a card.  I love how her card turned out!  Isnt' she super talented!  Wow, thanks so much Melanie!  It's all really amazing!


  1. What a great surprise! Love all your gifts.

  2. great projects! and what a nice swap you have goin'. =)

  3. Lucky you Yolanda! What an amazing swap box.